Phone Number: (512) 471-5182


Main UT Campus lab: AHG 1.216
Pickle Research Campus lab: MER 1.214
Mitch Pryor's Office: AHG 2.202MA

Parking: There is limited-time parking on campus along Speedway south of Dean Keeton, or paid parking along Dean Keeton east of Speedway. There is also visitor parking in the Speedway Garage. Parking at MER is widely available and free with a UT parking pass, or at an hourly rate without a pass.

Google Map Addresses:
AHG: 2501 Wichita Street, Austin, TX 78712
NETL: 11131 Creativity Trail, Austin, TX 78758
Visitors can also use the Capital Metro 803 bus line to travel between Main Campus and PRC. Information is available here.

Note: Unfortunately, due to the large number of inquiries to work in our lab, not all can be properly responded to. Please accept my apologies.

 Main Campus Maps:

Map of Anna Hiss Gym

Map of UT campus

 Pickle Research Campus Map: